Welcome to the Pittsburgh Sociable City Plan

Action Teams to Enhance Safety and Vibrancy in Pittsburgh's Nighttime Economy

The Responsible Hospitality Institute (RHI) has been contracted with the City of Pittsburgh to convene and facilitate an alliance of key stakeholders with an interest in improving Pittsburgh’s nighttime economy.

RHI has established five action teams to carry out key actions. Learn more about each at the links below:

Project Overview

The first year of RHI’s work (2012) in Pittsburgh laid the groundwork necessary for effective and successful implementation of actions. Partnerships were forged, commitment was garnered from key decision makers, consensus was reached, and an action plan was developed. The focus of year two (2013) was the facilitation of the actions identified in year one.  In year three (2014), RHI will continue to convene participants in the five primary action teams. Many teams have entered the implementation phase of their priority task areas.

RHI will continue to assist with implementation of new priorities for 2014. Several preliminary meetings with key stakeholders held in late 2013 established a framework for representation, mission and objectives of the citywide coordinating alliance or “commission”. Additionally, meetings with staff of the new administration established a firm commitment to direct new city department and bureau leadership to continue senior and staff level involvement in the Pittsburgh Sociable City Plan.

Sociable City

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The Pittsburgh Sociable City Plan is administered by the Responsible Hospitality Institute for the
Pittsburgh Department of City Planning. RHI is a private non-profit 501(c)3 organization based in California

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